“Now Joshua the son of Nun was full of the spirit of wisdom, for Moses had laid his hands on him…” Deuteronomy 34:9a NKJV

The exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt was marked with so many signs and wonders. Moses was an extraordinary leader whose ministry was to lead them out of Egypt but he did not bring them to the land that the Lord had promised them. God chose Joshua, a warrior-leader to lead them into the promised land.

This land was already surrounded and occupied by heathen nations that had gone against God and the worship of Him. For Israel to enter the promised land, they had to defeat and overthrow the inhabitants by war and conquest. Joshua was anointed by Moses (Numbers 27:15-23) and he succeeded Moses to lead Israel to the promised land (Deuteronomy 34:9). Just like Moses, he was also a prophet, a teacher of the law and a shepherd to Israel, however, he was also a warrior.

The first time we were introduced to Joshua, he was commissioned by Moses to chase and lead a number of men into battle against the Amalekites, the first people group to attack the Israelites when they came out of Egypt. On that day, Joshua and his men defeated them, backed by the power of God. (Exodus 17:8-14)

Joshua would engage and triumph in numerous battles just like the one against the Amalekites. In fact, with his prowess in battle, he can be considered one of the greatest generals in human history. Yet, he was also Israel’s religious leader.

From the life of Joshua, we can see that ministry can also involve God using our skills and abilities to fulfil His plan and purpose on earth. While we are taught in the services about Christ and His passion, we must also take on this message to the world by creating godly expressions that will reach out to the lost. For the gospel to thrive in our day, we must be involved in every facet of life – media, government, education, economy, religion, family, and so on.

Make no mistakes, one of the biggest moves of God in our generation will be shouldered by those who, like Joshua, can function in the secular and the church. Which territory are you fighting for? Start thinking strategically about how to be relevant in the secular space as well. God needs us all to take our place.

Start something and do it big! Blend without compromise (Joshua 24:15). Pray to God for wisdom. Whatever it is you want to do, do it well. Hone your craft.

Finally, fund Christian creatives and businesses. Apart from your giving in your local church, find godly expressions to spend your money on. Put your money where your faith is.

Bible Reading Plan: 1 Samuel 22-24

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