“Do you see a man skillful and experienced in his work? He will stand [in honor] before kings; He will not stand before obscure men.”- Proverbs 22:29 AMP

You’ve probably heard about the term “one hit wonder”. It refers to a singer or group that has only one hit record. They “blew” and after that, nobody heard of them again. 

In today’s devotional, we are going to look at how to avoid this by being better prepared for opportunities the remainder of this year.

In the Bible, two Greek words are used to describe time: “Chronos” which describes sequential time measured in seconds and minutes (Ecc 3:1-4), and “Kairos” which describes opportune time- that ‘break’ when supernatural advantage is glaring and everything seems to fall into place (Ecc 9:11).

A lot of people are focused on when their “kairos moments” would come. So, they neglect to make the maximum use of their current situation. This should not be us this year.

We must realize that kairos is a result of well managed chronos. This means that the effectiveness of those once in a lifetime opportunities is dependent on what we do daily and the capacity we build in secret.

David, in 1 Samuel 17, had the boldness and ability to kill Goliath in the full view of Israel because he had built up courage and skill from killing a lion and a bear while keeping the herd in secret. Similarly, the only way we can make full impact with our kairos moments is if we have developed systems and adequate preparation in our day to day living.

This year, be wise. Have a daily routine; build discipline; learn new skills; make financially wise decisions; save; be diligent at work; invest in your talents; accept corrections and grow. Do all you need to do to prepare yourself. 

Like Joseph in Genesis 39-40, make good use of the seeming delay. It just might be kairos in the making. While you’re waiting, be busy, don’t give up, trust God and at the end you’ll be ready when it’s time to stand before kings.

CONFESSION: By the wisdom of God, I build the necessary discipline to maximize opportunities coming my way this year.

Bible Reading Plan:
Luke 20:9-19,  Philemon 1-11, Proverbs 17:1-14, Esther 7-8

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