“Whatever you do [whatever your task may be], work from the soul [that is, put in your very best effort], as [something done] for the Lord and not for men” Colossians 3:23 AMP

Welcome to the 42nd weekly devotional recap of the year. This week, we learnt to stand out, work to please God and be diligent. We also learnt how to handle offences and manage positions and platforms.  

On Monday, we were reminded that we are in this world as light to shine amid darkness and perversion. Much like Babylon, today’s world is full of rebellion against God and His wisdom. 

Still, like Daniel and the three Hebrew boys (and even more so because you have the indwelling Spirit of God), you can distinguish yourself and remain true to yourself and your God. Be conscious of your difference and determine not to live like the world simply because you live in it (Romans 12:2). 

Tuesday’s devotional began a discussion on doing everything as unto God. We were reminded of the omnipresence of God and encouraged to, in view of this, do everything in service to Him and to please Him.

As people who were created for God’s glory (2 Corinthians 5:15, Revelations 4:11), we should see it as a privilege, not a mere obligation, to live to please Him, even when it is at the expense of the approval of men (Colossians 3:24, 1 Peter 2:12).

Wednesday’s article continued the discussion by encouraging us to do everything our hands find to do diligently (Ecclesiastes 9:10). Joseph consistently demonstrated diligence despite his challenging journey, so much so that he was consistently put in charge wherever he went. 

See your business/career as an opportunity to serve God, and let that inspire you to work with dedication and responsibility. As you go through life as God’s representative on earth, embrace diligence and apply it to every area of your life. 

Thursday’s lesson on managing positions and platforms was a timely reminder to see positions of authority and influence, including those in secular spaces, as opportunities for service to God and people. Remember that we have been called to represent Him to our world (2 Corinthians 5:19-20). Do not misuse the platforms that you have. Instead, ensure that through them, God is seen through you, and lives are touched and changed for good. 

We ended the week on Friday with a lesson on handling offences, which are traps that try to make us act in ways that are inconsistent with who we are in Christ. Even if you are disappointed by people you trust or surprised by their actions, it shouldn’t change who you are or how committed you are to your work. 

When you hold on to hurt and allow it to affect your outlook on life, you miss opportunities (Matthew 25:14-30). See offence for what it is: a trap to derail you from your purpose to make Jesus known to others.

Dear believer, from today, wherever you find yourself, take advantage of every avenue to live as an ambassador for God.

Bible Reading Plan: 2 Chronicles 32-33

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