“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places”
Ephesians 1:3 ESV

Welcome to the 37th week of our devotional recap. This week we learned what it means to be called a blessed man, the blessedness of being called to function in Christ’s stead, to “take heed” to the calling we have received in Christ, how to remain aglow in our devotional fervor and finally how to stay healthy as believers.

We started the week by learning what it means to be called a blessed man. The world perceives a blessed man as one who is influential, or one with riches and a good pedigree. However the scriptures define a blessed man differently. It refers to a blessed man as one whose sin the Lord will not take into account nor charge against him. Therefore, we are called blessed because we believe in what Christ has done for us.

On Tuesday, we learnt more about who the blessed man is. This man is one who He has the ability to live above sin because of the nature in him.

Also, his past sins have been blotted out, and he has received a new life in Christ. He has been given the privilege to stand in Christ’s stead, with the responsibility of passing the salvation message to many others.

Wednesday’s study was a reminder to “take heed” to the calling we have received in Christ. As much as we have commitments and ambitions, they mustn’t push us to the backseat of our heavenly call.

As children of God, we have secular experiences and involvements that can easily color our perception of our divine assignment. For this reason we must be alert to ensure our focus is fixed on what God has sent us to do.

On Thursday we examined how to stay aglow in the spirit. Just like the priests in the temple have the responsibility to keep the fire on the altar aglow, so also do we have the responsibility to keep our spiritual altars aglow.

You begin to grow spiritually when you realise that you don’t pray because you feel like praying, rather you pray because it is expedient for you to pray. Its also important to note that the fire of the spirit is fanned into full flame in us when we give the Spirit freedom to accomplish His will in us.

Lastly, we wrapped up the week by examining the balanced biblical view on how to be physically healthy as a believer. While the Bible is replete with several healing miracles, we must remember that to stay healthy even after a healing miracle, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We learnt the importance of healthy diets, constant medical checkups, and the use of medication when necessary. God’s desire for you is that you walk in perfect health, however you must also remember to take adequate precautions in order to stay healthy.

On a final note, when we pay attention to all these, they aid us to walk in the fullness of all that God has called us into.

Have a great weekend.

Bible Reading Plan:
Luke 23:50-56, Hebrews 11:17-31, Proverbs 28:1-13, Isaiah 51-53

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