“…that you may know…the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power”
Ephesians 1:18‭-‬19 NKJV

In Nigerian local parlance, it is usually said that you have “something hooge” to give when the gift you possess is of immeasurable worth. Not to elaborate unnecessarily, this is the reality of every believer. When you believed the Gospel, you received the Holy Spirit of promise, and received “something hooge”. (Ephesians 1:13, 1 Corinthians 12:6-11)

Did you see how the lives of the Apostles changed in radical ways when they received the Holy Spirit? Those who were shy became bold. Those who feared the evil leaders of their day, looked them in the eye and defended the Gospel. They were unstoppable! And so are you.

Armed with this knowledge, you must change your approach to life this week. If you have not been doing so before, let your world feel your impact. Think platforms, people, and opportunities. Think signs and wonders. Be a blessing. Do so with your capabilities as one who has the Holy Spirit at work in them.

This is not just about evangelism or your financial capabilities. It is a mentality that you are to show God to your world in everything that you do. This is about exerting dominance in every place you find yourself. At work, school, your circle of influence, social media, in your creative expressions, let it be obvious that you operate by the Spirit of God. See the case of Daniel in Babylon, even as a government administrator, it was obvious to the king that he operated by a different spirit. (Daniel 1:20, 5:12, 6:4)

Knowing this, you have to shun mediocrity. The grace of God in your life should be accompanied with competence. For instance, God’s grace may have seen David through when he fought the lion and the bear, but he was no naive shepherd boy. Although he had also gained confidence from killing Goliath, he still honed his skills when it came to warfare. (1 Samuel 16:18).

Listen, don’t be mediocre this week. Mediocre people are lazy and there’s nothing unique or distinct about them. Lazy people find it hard to convert their potentials to success stories. Mediocre people are easily satisfied. They have the feeling that they have arrived with every small victory they receive. This is not us! Like Daniel, be ready to go the extra mile. (Daniel 6:3)

I was created for such a time as this
And so I rise to the occasion
I operate by the Spirit in all that I do
I am not mediocre in my approach to life
I show God to my world!

Bible Reading Plan:
Luke 21:1-19, Hebrews 2:1-9, Proverbs 19:15-29, Isaiah 6-8

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