“But there is a spirit in man, and the breath of the Almighty gives him understanding” – Job 32:8 NKJV

At some point, we’ve all used Google Maps to find a destination. Whether digital or manual like the compass used in the olden days, a map’s job is to direct us to a desired location using landmarks, pointers, and step-by-step instructions. However, we’ve also encountered times when the map leads us astray or to the wrong destination.

This happens because as highly detailed and precise as the navigation system is, it could still malfunction for many reasons. 

But there is good news! As a believer, you never have to lose your way or arrive at the wrong destination because God’s navigation system is foolproof and 100% reliable. One of the ways God leads us is through the Holy Spirit living in you and He leads you through the inner witness. 

Unlike the is not a third-party application you get to purchase and download; it is a default system available to every believer immediately after you subscribe to Christ’s life (Romans 8:14).

How does the inner witness work? Think of moments when you were uncertain about a decision, only to feel a sudden change, or when you sense a nudge to act or a restraint from proceeding. This is the inner witness of the Holy Spirit (Acts 5:32), distinct from your emotions, senses, or thoughts. It’s the Holy Spirit guiding you.

Jacob’s experience in Genesis 28:10-22 offers insight into how the Spirit of God works. At that time, Jacob did not have the Holy Spirit in him. How then do we explain that he stopped to rest and had his famous dream in the same city and spot where the Lord spoke to his grandfather Abraham in Genesis 12:7? Moreover, the promise God made to Abraham was reiterated to Jacob.

If Jacob were in today’s world, he might say, “When I got to that spot, something just pushed me to stop there.” As believers, we know that “something” is the Spirit of God.

What has God been nudging or restraining you to do through His Spirit? It’s crucial to understand that the ultimate purpose of the inner witness of the Spirit is obedience. Failing to follow that lead will surely result in an undesirable outcome. When you pray, keep your spiritual antennas fully up to receive any signals the Lord gives.

The navigation system may genuinely aim to lead you from point X to point Y, your preferred destination, but if it is not the will of God for you, His intervention can redirect you to point Z instead, ensuring you are right on time. The Holy Spirit within you is your life compass.

Let the Holy Spirit guide you, and strive to respond with total obedience.

Bible Reading Plan: Mark 14: 1-31

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