“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might”. Ecclesiastes 9:10 NKJV

Yesterday, we considered that in whatever we do, there must be a disposition to do it with our heart in service to the Lord. Today, we will consider ways to please God in the natural aspects of our lives. 

Our anchor text is an instruction on diligence. It means to approach the work of your hands with zest and visible hard work. It does not matter that the job was not all you dreamt of or that it is not as flashy as you may have imagined it. The important point is that your attitude to that work must be full of diligence such that both your earthly employer or clients and God will be pleased with it.

Joseph was an embodiment of diligence and hard work. He had a vivid dream about his future and even shared it with his brothers hoping to elicit encouragement from his brothers. However, in spite of the dreams, his reality saw him nearly being killed; sold off to slavery; imprisoned and even fled an irresistible temptation (Genesis 37-50). 

 Joseph’s reality, which was clearly the opposite of his dreams, could have caused him to rebel, give the barest minimum work productivity and even give up. Nevertheless, one consistent attribute visible throughout his journey was diligence. His work ethic was exemplary. 

At every stage, he was always put in charge, whether in Potiphar’s house or even in prison. His conviction and resolve was to work with all his heart as unto the Lord his God, regardless of his human masters. 

The lesson to draw from Joseph’s story will be to consider your earthly vocation as an avenue to serve the Lord. This means that if you regard that job as God’s and that through it, people can be inspired and encouraged, you will approach it with dedication and responsibility.

We spend the largest portions of our days at work or in school or generally interacting with people both unbelievers and believers. We must seize it as an opportunity to demonstrate our values such that when asked why we live and work as excellently as we do, our response will be that beyond our human masters, we work to please the Lord (Colossians 3:23-24). 

As you go through life and desire to advance especially economically, you must embrace diligence and apply it to every area of your life. It is God’s will for you and you must respond with all your might.

Bible Reading Plan: Isaiah 59-63

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