The world’s most successful and remarkable mandates usually have the most extravagant budgets. In different sectors and industries, people understand that every agenda needs influence and wealth to succeed.

In the same way, believers have an agenda— the gospel. For our agenda to thrive and reach the ends of the earth, it needs our influence and wealth.

From the opening text, we see that Jesus’ ministry was supported by people who were convinced of the need to sponsor the message. Wealth has the capacity to drive the gospel. When the gospel is consistently bankrolled, it will spread wider and faster. This is how to support the cause of the gospel. On the account of your giving, people will be saved,  lives will be changed and that is what matters in eternity.

We also see that from the women’s giving, Jesus’ welfare was supported. In 2 Kings 4:8-11, the Shunammite woman used her wealth to cater for the man of God. This is a scriptural instruction that must be kept. In Galatians 6:6, Paul instructs to give to those who are responsible for our growth in the word. It is important to honour and cater for God’s messengers. Be weary of those who talk down on giving to your pastors.

Wealth and influence play a huge role in the fulfilment of prophecies and the manifestation of the plans of God for the earth. In Matthew 27:57-60, the prophecy about Jesus being buried in a rich man’s grave (Isaiah 53:9) was fulfilled because a rich and influential man requested for Jesus’ body to be buried in a tomb he bought.

Your mindset must be that your money is sponsoring the fulfilment of prophecies. Consequently, you must shun small-mindedness.

Embrace the reality of wealth. Embrace the truth of what your money should sponsor. Have money, but don’t let it have you; It will be your servant, and the servant of your Master, Jesus Christ.

Bible Reading Plan: 1 Kings 22; 2 Chronicles 18

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