‘And God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.’
Genesis 1:3 AMP

“Talk is cheap” is a popular quote in our day. Sadly, it’s easy to believe this in a world where words are not backed up by actions. Yet, in the realm of the spirit, talk is not cheap. Words mean much more than the world has given them credit. Talk is the currency of creative miracles.

Our anchor text shows that the world came into existence through words. God said let there be, and there was. When God spoke, He created. And it should be the same for us as believers.

One prominent example in the Bible that highlights the power of words is seen in the story of Isaac and his sons. In Genesis 27:28-29, Isaac prophesied greatness and prosperity over Jacob, so it was. The words of Isaac sustained him such that Jacob not only became a powerful man, but his lineage became a great nation. (Gen 30:43)

We can set the trajectory for life with words alone. As we pray and worship together this season of camp meetings, let’s talk about our glorious future in Christ!

We shouldn’t take prophecies and words of knowledge for granted. We despise prophecies when we don’t pray over or speak the words we have received. Besides having creative power, words are also vehicles that move us from one point to another. (1 Timothy 1:18)

Prophecies do not only tell us of the future, but they set us in the right direction. By prophecy, we can know what to do and where to go. Do not despise them. Talk about them as you pray today. (1 Thessalonians 5:20)

This season, be mindful of prophecies. Prepare yourself for new seasons with them. If you haven’t been speaking the words over your life, talk and pray about them today!

Bible Reading Plan
John 19:17-27, Revelation 14, Job 36:16-33, Nahum 1-3

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