“My times are in your hands.” – Psalms 31:15a NKJV

Imagine it was January 1st (a couple of centuries ago) BC, and God revealed to Joseph a dream in which he was at the top, with his entire family bowing to him. Joseph’s brothers, however, had sold him into slavery before the end of that year. What else? He would go on to experience enormous drama with Potiphar’s wife, betrayal by fellow prisoners, and much more before seeing the embodiment of that dream.

Assume you are David, and you have been anointed to be king, but you are currently a fugitive on the run from the current monarch. 

God had certainly said great things about Joseph and David. Yet, both of them would have lamented at some time that this was not how they had imagined how the events would play out. Despite this, Joseph received favour and advancements, while David never lost a war.

Maybe God gave you a word for the year, but it’s almost the new year and you’re still waiting for it to come to pass. If you’ve been asking yourself such questions or wondering about the fulfilment of the prophecy, God’s will for you hasn’t changed. He has plans for you, and his timing is always impeccable.

In light of this, our anchor text helps us with mind renewal as well as strengthened conviction. We must get to the point where we declare that God’s timing for our life is the most perfect. The year 2023 may not have gone as planned but it’s still a good year.

Do not start the new year with ingratitude. Thank God for all the testimonies of this year. The times are in His hands and He will make all things new. He’s already at work perfecting all He promised you. Rest on that, be grateful, and rejoice! (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

Glory to God!

Happy New Year in advance!

Bible Reading Plan:  Malachi 1 -2

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